Grandparent Survey

  • Do you have a child with an autism spectrum disorder?

  • Do you also have grandchildren?

If yes to both, then this study is for YOU.

The risk that autism will affect grandchildren in families like yours is unknown, and this brief survey is designed to gain new knowledge about the level of risk, and which second generation offspring might benefit from early intervention.

Please note that
» All of your information will remain confidential (only your IP address is logged to prevent duplication of data),

» There is no cost to participate, and
» You will have the option to provide your contact information so we can tell you about further opportunities for study participation (which include compensation).

Before starting the survey, please answer 2 screening questions to determine if you are eligible.  If you are eligible for the study, you will next be asked to review the informed consent language and then give consent at the beginning of the survey.


If you have any questions about the Second Generation Survey Project, please feel free to contact us.

Daniel Gray, MSW
Study Coordinator

Natasha Marrus, MD, PhD